Apartment Living Using A Balcony Railing Planter

Published: 03rd September 2010
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Railing planters have become the "next new thing" in balconies and patios. These colorful pots are better identified as a "saddle" planter in that they sit astride the tops of railings, on a balcony, on stair wells indoors or even straddle fence tops. They are what I would term "medium sized" inasmuch as they can contain substantial rooting soil and can have enough weight to withstand the currents of winds and rains which beset us in our outdoor environments.Their weight and substance combine with insightful and futuristic engineering to give a reliable and gorgeous plating alternative. Since more and more people are moving to the apartments now provided in such architectural artistry, reaching into the sky at times, we search for yet more ways to being the garden to ourselves.

Balcony Planter Boxes

The imagination can pretty much run wild with the possibilities of a planter which now gives a "vertical possibility" in that they raise the actual heights at which we see plants. Apartments which feature balconies are a growing technology as architects sense the value of plants for the human state of well-being. Balcony planter boxes were always a great option in the past and now we have these remarkable balcony railing planters to augment the originals. Now cascading plumes of gorgeous plantings can fall, providing color and even herbs and vegetables for our balcony and fence top plantings, coming from higher levels and providing us some visual feasts for our sore eyes.

Railing Planters

So now we can sit outdoors and smell our Lavender or Rosemary plants as the breezes waft through, providing our senses with impacts we never dreamed were possible at a 17th floor apartment. We'll sit with a good glass of wine, eating our dinners amidst a terrific and highly personalized space. The rich colors of our Geraniums and Petunias, the glorious cascadements of our Fuschias and Begonia's give us pause to sit amidst natural beauty and to enjoy every possibility we so often dreamed of before these technologies and these environments developed.

Railing planters and balcony planter boxes give us this expansive possibility - to make something special and glorious out of our everyday lives. And with really very little concern about invading weeds and critters, too! Unless of course, those shifty-eyed little moles and rabbits know their elevators. They are not stupid.

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